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Diabolus Jr 12" Speaker Cab

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 CHF 330.00 - WGS spkr
 CHF 380.00 - Celestion spkr



The DIABOLUS  Jr Speaker Cab is the perfect match for any DIABOLUS Jr amplifier. It can be used as single speaker cabinet for the DIABOLUS Jr head or as extension cabinet for combos. The 12" Speaker Cab has the same format as the DIABOLUS Jr combo.

The DIABOLUS Jr Speaker cab is available fitted with different speaker to match your tonal requirement. Apart of the proposed speakers the cabinet can be fitted with any 12" speaker (price uplift may apply).

Available in the following Tolex colours (standard):  Orange, Apple Green, Yellow, Purple, Dark Green, other colors available on request (option). Shown here in Dark Green tolex.


Cabinet Construction:  

Open back

Speaker available:  

- WGS Green Beret 12" 25W (8 or 16 ohm)

- Celestion GreenBack 12" 25W (8 or 16 ohm)

or any custom speaker on request (option)



W 42,0 cm, H 51,0 cm, D 24,0 cm
                               approx.: 11Kg