Pictures shown on this site may differ slightly from the real product due to constant improvement in design and production


Although the company "mpernet amplification" was officially founded recently, "mpernet" amplifiers have already existed for over 5 decades.
In fact all started back in the mid 60's when young Michel picked up a friend's electric guitar and decided to learn and play the blues but his very tiny student budget did not let him buy a decent amplifier. As the family radio was therein the living room it did not take him long to turn it into a basic guitar amp - the first "mpernet" amplifier was born!
Music passion along with electronic knowledge led him to repair and customize friends' equipment like Dynacord, Vox, Fender, Marshall, Simms-watt, Orange and a few others.
It was finally during the 90's when Michel started to build his own designed tube amplifiers always keeping in mind - simplicity, great sound and built quality.

Tube amplifiers

The colours of the 60's, the sound of the 70's crafted with today's technology and passion.

Every mpernet amplifier is hand built from the scratch using high quality parts:  
- 2mm thick aluminium chassis;
- heavy duty turrets board;
- transformers from reputed American and European companies;
- selected tubes from the former Russian production;
- premium quality electronic components;
- neat wiring and accurate lead dressing;
- sturdy pine plywood cabinet with dovetail joints.
Each unit is fully tested and burned in for a few hours before leaving the workshop. 

mpernet amplification - boutique amplifiers: your sound, Swiss quality.      


To extend your amplifier sound a set of simple but efficient pedals is available.

Hand built with the same criterias as the amplifiers.
- these pedals are easy to use
- heavy duty diecast aluminium case
- carefully designed PCB
- selected components
- neat wiring

mpernet amplification - boutique pedals: your sound, Swiss quality.