Custom Shop

If you need to modify your amplifier - mpernet or any other brand or if you want a full customized device you can contact our Custom Shop (using the contact form on this website) for an bespoke. We will be glad to discuss your requirements and give you a cost proposal for the desired product.

The Custom Shop is available from mpernet amplification workshop only. It is not offered via dealers.
As any other mpernet amplification product we offer a 2-year warranty, except on vacuum tubes which are covered by a limited 90-day warranty (see the warranty page on this website for more detail).


Examples of Custom Shop modified or built products:

Fig.1: Booster Pedal built to remind one of my beloved cartoon hero -
IMAG0322 Copier

Fig.2: Customized Fender Twin Reverb amplifier for a bass player. Custom head cabinet -
IMAG0653 Copier

Fig.3: Custom designed two channels amplifier in an aged tweed custom cabinet -
DSC06965 Copier

Fig.4: Demo Diabolus Jr Combo 6V6 in 'Delirium' dress -
DSC 8489 Copier
-Not for sale-

Fig.5: Marsuluxe - High Power Diabolus head housed in a very eye catching yellow tolex!
Similar to the Diabolus serie but with High Power final stage.
40Watt RMS output power - 6L6GC PushPull, fixed bias.
DSC 8482 Copier

Custom Shop products for sale:
(Please use the contact form on this website to order these products)

CS001: Modified Diabolus with 2 separated input channels and housed in a british legacy type of cabinet -

   DSC03284 Copier

Same functionality as Diabolus serie but with High/Low inputs on each channel.
15Watt RMS output power - EL84 PushPull, cathode bias.
3x 6N2P-EV (ECC83 equivalent) as preamp tubes.
Gain ch.1, Gain ch.2, Bass-Cut, Tone, Presence, Master-Volume.
Impedance selector - 4, 8, 16 Ohm. 2 speakers outputs.
High/Low power switch (Pentode/Triode).
Rectifier select switch (Tube/SolidState).

Very good condition. Sounding just great. Used for Demo purpose only - No gig, no travelling.
- Sold -

CS002: Retroluxe - 1950's Tweed era amplifier copy built for a special event. Awsome sounding amp with Stratocaster! A must!
IMAG0750 Copier
Same design as the Fender 57 Twin Combo with improved Tone stack.
Clean 40Watt RMS output power - 6L6GC PushPull, fixed bias.
3x 12AX7A as preamp tubes.
GZ34 tube rectifier.

Gain ch.1, Gain ch.2, Bass, Mid, Treble, Master-Volume.
2x 10" speakers - Weber Alnico 10A125 30W.
Additional speaker output for extension.

Very good condition. No scratch, no wearing spot. The real deal for clean sounding amp lovers. Used only once during special event.
- Sold -