Where can I buy a mpernet amplification product?
A-  Use the contact form on this website and you will be contacted by mpernet to place the order.
Q- Is it possible to order the product on-line?

A- No. There is no on-line shop. 

What is the warranty for the products?
A- mpernet amplification offers a 2-year warranty on all products except for the vacuum tube where there is a limited 90-day warranty.
Q- How to proceed if my product has a malfunction?
A- If this happens you can contact our support using the contact form here on this website.
Q- How can I get service to my amplifier - i.e. to change vacuum tubes?
A- Contact our support via the contact form on the website. Changing vacuum tubes to an amplifier may need a re-biasing procedure which can only be done by authorized personal or by our technical support.


Q- Can I order my mpernet amplifier in a different color?
A- Standard color availability is orange, apple green, yellow, purple and dark reen. Other colors can be ordered at additional cost. 
Q- How to get a customized amplifier?
A- Our custom shop will be happy to design or modify your amplifier. Use the contact form on this website to get in relation with the custom shop and bespoke will be organized to define your requirements and get a cost proposal for the amplifier.